Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 years and counting and still newlyweds

Long time no write!! I can't believe I haven't even looked at this blog in months, decided to dust off the virtual cobwebs and get cracking in the blog world again. :)

Alot has been happening and yet not much at all...huh?

Well to start off, no kiddos for us...yet. So nothing has changed in that department, we are still living in Bluffton, IN in our love shack having a blast being married. Derek is busy working with his dad in their very own consulting business, Derek has been traveling a lot this past month so I have been experience a bit of the independent life...been awhile since I've been by myself for more than a couple days in a row...four days in a row every week has been hard adjusting to, but that is coming to an end in the next week (hopefully) and I will get my husband back.

I've been keeping busy with a new job, I am doing customer service for Barnes and Noble from my home. I will have to write a completely different post about this whole experience, been a really growth time for me, not all pretty at times but definitely something that has stretched me as a person. Pretty much in a nut shell the job is set up so that I answer calls and emails from a home office, I have to work a set amount of hours but can select to work those any time during the week and weekend...very flexible.

Families are doing great, last I posted Lindsay and John-Thomas had the twins...the most adorable twins you will ever see...I will post pictures soon. Micah is as cute as ever, love that kid as if he was my own. Pretty much its a known fact that we are buds...I love talking to him and hearing his three year old opinion on things, cracks me up.

At the Zolls right now watching the Pacer game while Derek is gone, in Jackson, Tennessee to be exact, probably should be more social...will post more updates when I have more time.

Good to be back in the blogging world, no promises how long my stay will be but I have the best intentions for staying for awhile.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hey everyone,

I know I haven't written in a couple weeks, but I have some exciting news!!! My wonderful sister-in-law who was pregnant with twins went in for a c-section tonight at 6 and now is the proud parent of a little girl and another boy!! Addilyn and Clayton Roseberry are in the world and we are all so happy to meet them!! :)

I will update you all later on, right now I'm heading to bed, been a long and exciting day..and it all continues tomorrow!! :)

Until next time,

The Love Birds

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years countdown

It's almost a new year...a new year full of promise!

only minutes to go...

See you all next year ;)

Until next time,

The Love Birds

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!! :)

It's almost three here in Bluffton, Indiana and I am crashing fast...Me and Derek were up till two last night and then I got up at 7:30 am to wash my hair ( if pictures are going to be taken I will definitely get up early to shower) I am feeling the effects of the late night and early morning now though...good thing it's Christmas so I can just lay around today and play around with all my amazing gifts!

We celebrated with my family last night and had a really great time going to see a movie and opening presents. Then this morning Derek and I got up and opened our presents to each other and then headed over to his parents, which is where we are now. We have everything cleaned up, breakfast has been eaten and every one has sorta scattered...I'm laying on my mother-in-laws floor right now listening to a cd Derek got me (Glee cd, in case you wondered) Thinking I need to take a nap though!

Overall this was a very merry and successful Holiday season...still have New Years to go...I need to catch up on my sleep for the next week so I can be in prime new years celebrating mood.

Until next time,

The Love Birds

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I watched Julie/Julia today with my very pregnant sister-in-law and my mother-in-law, and was very inspired by the whole story, not necessarily to start cooking French food (which what the movie was somewhat about) but to be more creative in the kitchen. I never would have thought when I got married that I would be the type of person to enjoy being in the kitchen and to actually look forward to making a new dessert or bringing food to family gatherings, but I do...I'm not going to lie, there are some days where I don't enjoy to even go in my kitchen but on most days I do look forward to it,

I not big on meals, you can't get much enjoyment out of a pot roast in my opinion, but a good chocolate cake or pumpkin roll, or anything with strawberries on top of it, yum, I start getting really excited when I think of those desserts. I make my grocery list out with a smile on my face thinking of making the recipe and who I will be making it for and how much everyone will like it. I discovered that about myself this past year, I have always loved people and desserts, but never thought the two went together, but they do. My inner hostess came out when I moved into our home, having Chris and Jo here really helped that along, I had people to make things for, and I loved it. I still do...I think about Christmas and all I can focus on is what I am going to bring for dessert at all our gatherings. Looking up recipes and getting out my favorites from last year...there are so many I'm thinking of extending the season just to get them all in. :)

I went through a dry spell a couple months ago were I wasn't motivated to do anything creative...I didn't blog, I didn't make really many desserts for us or for family...which I was always bringing people something I had made just for fun, I wasn't trying new meals, or didn't really decorate my house much...I was sad that I wasn't but I couldn't get myself to get into it...I decided that all had to stop. I loved doing all that stuff and I was depriving myself of something that really made me happy! So my goal has been to pull myself out of this slump and to stop being lazy and go make some cookies when I feel like it and not talking myself out of it! Which is also why I started working out...If I'm going to be making desserts more I need to make sure I don't get fat!!! So far I'm doing good, the movie today really helped me stay motivated, to realize again how much of myself I put into the stuff I do and that it something I can't just let go other wise I will look back and regret it.

Until next time,

The Love Birds

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is coming

Aww the first snow...how delightful. The first freezing rain and sleet...not so delightful!

It seemed perfect on Monday, the beginning of the week, the start of my official Christmas shopping, and snow. Me and Derek planned on going to Fort Wayne Monday morning and getting some Christmas shopping done, see a movie and then go out to eat, pretty much spend the whole day together, so much fun, I was thrilled to wake up and look out our window and see snow of the ground, it was beautiful. What a perfect day to be buying presents and celebrating the season, I promptly went back to our bedroom and woke Derek up informing him of this delight...he nodded and mumbled something and went back to sleep! :)

The day was great, we got so much accomplished. Derek even took me to see Twilight's New Moon even though he hated having to sit there and watch it, he did it for me, I love him! My joy of the day was soon gone though when the next morning all my snow was gone and it was just plain cold and wet. Oh well, gives us something to look forward to in the coming winter.

Our dear friend Chris is coming to stay with us tomorrow. He will be here for almost two weeks, it will be nice to see him and his girlfriend Jo, but I will need some extra date nights with my hubby while they are here, house full of people just doesn't allow for much quality time. They are really good about going out too, should all work itself out!

Until next time,

The Love Birds

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday night football

No, I'm not a football fan all of a sudden....I don't have predictions on who will win nor do I really care but I have against my will become a Monday night football watcher, come to think of it, a Sunday watcher too!!!! I love doing things with my husband, even if it means sitting through a four hour long game, okay so I don't usually actually watch the whole thing, I usually have the computer out and will catch up on my girlie tv shows that Derek can't bear to watch, or write on my blog like tonight. But I do try to at least stay in the room, if any thing to appear interested! Any thing for my husband. Maybe one day I will be a fan... I will confess that slowly I am warming up to certain parts of football....like the tight pants! Just kidding.

Once you start watching it enough you start to figure out what's going on and where the heck the ball goes when they throw it. I like knowing the players, makes it more personally...I know, I'm such a girl, making football personal...hey I went to the Ohio State game, I saw a grown man cry, don't tell me it's not personal for some people! (and no Derek wasn't crying, some random dude) I do admire the fans devotion, how they will stick with a team through a ten year losing streak, or like the patriots even though they are cheating sissies! I think us women just have to accept the fact that guys aren't like us, they don't get upset about missing a big sale but will huff and puff for days about their team losing a game...the mysteries of life.

Game is starting, Tonight the Saints and Patriots are playing...in case you were wondering, my prediction; The Saints will win....winning streaks shouldn't be messed with...just ask the Colts! :) See I'm catching on to this whole sports thing!

Until time next,

The Love Birds